You Were the Desert Breeze (In this Soft Lonely World)

Music and Lyrics by Justin John & Craig Marshall

In the sun, the sky burns as bright
As the sun in your smile
I’m beginning to think you’d be right
Stay with me for a while
I think a thousand lifetimes will do
Maybe just for a start
I am caught in the breeze that is you
Tell me one thing believing can't do

You were the desert breeze
You dried my tears
You brought warmth to my freeze
Sweet hot breath in my ear
Now I wait every night
For your tease to begin
And I know in the innocent July
We live forever

High in the sky, in this soft Lonely World
We are just around the corner from the end

(I was hoping that you would come.
I know you're listening to me...)

Through the open window, movements on piano return; I am say


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